Data Storage

Photo Numbering System
Each of your photos is numbered as it is scanned. This allows us to keep track of all of your photos and to organize and/or sort them if necessary. This numbering system is printed under each photo on the table of contents page. This unique photo number corresponds with that photo on the data disk. If you need to find a particular photo scan for future use, it’s easy to find on the disk. This system also allows us to find a particular photo for you if you need extra prints or need additional editing.

Example: 333.4.55.6

333 = Is the number for your particular job
4 = Is a particular grouping of your photos
55 = Is the number for a particular scan group
6 = Is a unique photo from a particular scan group

Data Storage
We use the highest quality Memorex CD and DVD disks to store your photos.


Computer Folder Window
Each Photo File Numbered

CD or DVD for File Storage
Of All Photos & Movies



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